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26 March 2010

friday [prize!].

happy friday. [i think.] it's been a crazy week. and i am tired. however. when i was little, my mom always had a friday prize for me when i got home from school. nothing extravagant. some cookies. or gum. but, i looked forward to it.

when scott and i got married. we continued the tradition. one of us has the entire year [starting on our anniversary] to give a friday prize. last year was my year. i was kind of proud of myself. i had a prize for him every. single.friday. [he's doing a good job this year keeping up the pace.] last friday. i got this cool car wash towel. [it's the little things.]

i am now going to pass it on to you. so. this friday. [for one week only], i am taking $50 off my session fee. that's fun, no?

so. it's that easy. i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

love | amy

p.s. my three favorite girls [and a celery friend].

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