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30 March 2010

no shoes. [not me, not you.]

it's the morning time. i miss my sister.friend. you see. she moved to that little town called los angeles last month. my girls and i have had a hard time making that adjustment. and we are starting to feel her absence. the soccer games are not the same without her [very loudly] yelling rrrrrrriiiiiiibbbbbbiiiiiittttttttttt [ribbit] for ayla's team, the frogs. my hair is. well. in a state of trauma [she was my hair girl]. and my heart is a little sad with her gone. however. there is a positive to the negative.

she got a job with tom's shoes. if you have never heard of tom's, now is the time to know it. their philosophy is simple. buy a pair of shoes, they give away a pair of shoes. [one for one.] and on april 8th, they are hosting [one day without shoes]. my girls and i will be walking around decatur [barefoot] on that day to raise awareness. and if you live near me, join us at 11 in the east decatur station parking lot. and if you don't. watch the video. and walk barefoot.
love | amy

26 March 2010

friday [prize!].

happy friday. [i think.] it's been a crazy week. and i am tired. however. when i was little, my mom always had a friday prize for me when i got home from school. nothing extravagant. some cookies. or gum. but, i looked forward to it.

when scott and i got married. we continued the tradition. one of us has the entire year [starting on our anniversary] to give a friday prize. last year was my year. i was kind of proud of myself. i had a prize for him every. single.friday. [he's doing a good job this year keeping up the pace.] last friday. i got this cool car wash towel. [it's the little things.]

i am now going to pass it on to you. so. this friday. [for one week only], i am taking $50 off my session fee. that's fun, no?

so. it's that easy. i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

love | amy

p.s. my three favorite girls [and a celery friend].